How to Earn Income Through Ehow Articles


First off, figure out your income goal per month. On average, each article can fetch about $4-5 a month. Some articles will earn more, while some will generate less. So let’s say that you want to earn $500 a month with each article generating about $5. That means that you will have to write about 100 Ehow articles to earn in the ballpark range of $500.


Next, come up with some ideas for your articles. Spend some time writing a well-written article, but try to finish an article within 30-60 minutes. Remember that you can always go back to edit, add pictures, and such. The bottom is , you want to put up as many articles online so that it can generate more views and page hits, which results in generating more income from writing Ehow articles.


Next, make sure you choose the right keywords for your articles. Choosing keywords that are more likely to be searched on will be more likely to be chosen. The more views you have on your articles, the more you will earn. You can use programs such as Wordtracker to find the best keywords from your articles.


Make sure that you add pictures to your articles. This will make your articles more appealing to the public. You can find pictures online from Google and Yahoo. Save the pictures onto a file and then upload them.


Try to promote your articles. The more views you have, the more income you will receive. Try posting your links onto other blogs, personal sites, and social networks. Post your Ehow articles on forums relating to the topics that you wrote about. This is a good way to get traffic onto your site and articles.


Check other sources online as well as books that will help generate more viewers onto your Ehow articles. You can also boost your page hits by adding toolbars such as Ping-O-Matic and Digg.