How to Easily Remove Stems From Blueberries

Blueberries are a very nutritious berry and can be used in many ways. Whether you plan on eating them fresh, making homemade blueberry jam, baking muffins or cakes or putting them in the freezer to eat later–you have to first remove the tiny stems off your fresh picked blueberries. This can be a long, tedious task…unless you learn a little secret that has been passed down over the generations from the wise ones–old-timers.

There’s an easy way to remove the tiny stems from blueberries before you place them in bags for freezing or use them to make a delicious batch of jam. No sense spending hours in the kitchen when you could be out gardening or eating a fresh blueberry pie on the front porch swing. Follow the directions below and be sure to share this with your friends and neighbors.

• Place a clean, dry kitchen towel on a cookie sheet.

• Pour a single layer of blueberries out of your bucket onto the towel.

• Remove any large leaves, twigs, and debris. Then, place the cookie sheet in your freezer for an hour or so. The berries should be removed when they are slightly frozen, but not frozen solid. 

• Remove the cookie sheet from the freezer and gently roll the blueberries over the towel with the palm of your hand. The tiny stems simply fall off and tend to stick to the towel. If the stems are not falling off easily or you find you are smashing your berries, just return the cookie sheet to the freezer for more time.

• When it looks like you’ve removed all of the stems, you’re blueberries are ready for the washing process. After washing, you can make jam, eat your berries fresh or freeze them completely.