How to Eat During Thanksgiving if You Have Diabetes

This Thanksgiving, you can still celebrate and have fun even if you have diabetes. When it comes to the holiday, it’s hard for people with diabetes because the foods are so tempting. You can still have fun, eat some holiday food and still stay within your limit. You just have to stay away from high sugar food and drinks and you can still enjoy the rest of the food that doesn’t have high sugar content. If you eat turkey, it will be alright since turkey doesn’t have a lot of sugar content, but you should definitely stay away from the pumpkin pie.

What food group should you stay away from? You should definitely watch out for the sugary food group and carbohydrates like pie and bread. They have high sugar content and that will increase your blood sugar level. If the food tastes sweet then it must have sugar content in them. You should stay away from cookies, cake, chocolate, candies, pie, ice cream, baking goodies, coffee, eggnogs, and all sugary food and drinks. If you eat too many of them, your blood sugar level will rise and it won’t be a desirable things for you. You should also stay away from food group like bread and potatoes because they have a high carbohydrate level and a high carbohydrate level contains sugar too.

Any sort of bread or starch food will increase your blood sugar level. It’s best that you avoid any sort of bread or potatoes or food made from starch or flour. If you stay from these groups of foods then you can get through Thanksgiving without having to worry about your blood sugar level. It’s alright for you to eat meat, turkey so long as you don’t eat the fat portion of it because fats can increase your blood sugar level. You should avoid gravy, butter, and oily food because they can increase your blood sugar level. You should drink tea, water, or non-sugary beverages for the holiday. When you eat a full meal, make sure you check your sugar level and take medication as needed.