How to effectively find downloads on Rapidshare


Rapidshare is a website that shares unlimited amount of files that can be downloaded. These files consists of movies, series, games, videos, and much more. It has everything you can ever ask for but there is a catch: many people don’t know how to search for it.


Here is what you do. Go to the Google search engine. On the search box, type “Rapidshare:” followed by whatever movie or file you are interested in finding. Typing the title of the movie would be sufficient. But for finding a series, there is another format.

For example, if you are searching for a series, type the series title followed by the season and episode you are interested in. It should be in this format: S1E3. “S” stands for season and “E” stands for episode. The number 1 is the season number and 3 is the episode number. Click the search button and you will find a list of results all with the power of Google.