How to End a Cold From Even Really Starting The All Natural and Healthy Way


Difficulty: Easy Things You’ll Need:

  • 10 dollar bill or between 6 and 8 dollars

Step 1

You need between six and eight dollars in your wallet or on your credit card.

Step 2

Go to the grocery store  that has a full produce department.

Step 3

In the full produce department, look for a package of a peeled pineapple. It will most likely be where there is an iced area or and packaged cut up fresh fruit. This package is of a peeled WHOLE pinapple and its fresh juices. Living on the east coast in Maryland and Northern Virginia, I would go to Giant Food Stores. Currently in lower Virginia I went to Food Lion Grocery Store to get this. I think at Food Lion they have smaller ones than at Giant Foods. Anyhow, buy two of them.

Step 4

As soon as you can after you buy these two packages eat the pinapples and drink the natural juices all at once and as is! I don’t care if your tounge breaks out due to the citrus or anything else. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS AS I DIRECTED you. Eating and drinking both, you should be done within five to ten minutes.
Giant Foods package of one is 160 of vitamin C.

Warnings **Do this as soon as you notice your first sign of a cold. Individuals probably are different at the first sign of a cold. I don’t know, but mine is a sore throat. So, as soon as I notice a sore throat lingering on, I do the above instructions!

**DO NOT do this if you are alergic to pineapples