How to Enlarge Your Penis Using Penis Extender

Men over the ages have been fascinated with the size of their penis. In some cultures, a man’s masculinity is measured by the size of his penis. That’s the reason why men are so interested in different ways to increase their penis size. Right now, with the various methods that exist in this niche, the one method that has caught the fancy of most men is using a penis extender.

Penis extenders are devices that are meant to be attached on the penis. They have a mechanism by which they can grip the penis at the base of its shaft and just below the head area, which is known as the glans. Between these two grips, there are two metal rods which can be increased and decreased in size using adjustment screws. This is how pressure on the penis can be increased and decreased as well.

The pressure leads to traction on the penis tissues. The penis is basically made of spongy tissue. When suitable traction is applied, the cells within this tissues are forced to expand and subsequently breakdown and multiply. This helps in increasing the bulk of the penis.

When you are planning to use a penis extender, this is the way to go about it.

First, read all instructions very carefully. Penis extenders are wonderfully effective if used in the right way, but they can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Most of the penis extender devices come with a full instruction manual and a CD that carries instruction videos as well. Take some time to check these out.

Now, you need to have some private time when you are using this device for the first time. Connect the various parts of the device as shown in the instruction manual. Note: It is ideal to spend a little more and invest in a penis extender with comfort straps so that they can be used for longer times without discomfort. Make sure all connections are correct.

Arouse your penis till it becomes semi-hard. Slide the penis extender over your penis so that it grips the base of the shaft. Tighten it with the help of the screws provided, but make sure that it does not cause pain in any way. Do the same for the comfort strap which should go just below the head of your penis.

With the two ends of the penis extender attached firmly, you can now add the traction pressure on the penis through the device. Rotate the adjustment screws till they provide the maximum traction your penis can bear comfortably.

This is all you have to do. Now, leave the penis extender on for the recommended amount of time and it will do its job.There are a few points that you should note here.

It is best to get a device that you can wear for longer amounts of time. The comfort strap is indeed preferable over the noose shaped arrangement which is now outdated anyway. You must go for penis extender devices that you will be comfortable using. Go for slender devices. These you can wear under your pants while you go to work and no one will come to know even!

Most penis extenders need to be worn for eight hours at a time. You may find it best to wear them at night when you sleep, provided you have chosen a comfortable device.

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