How To Exercise Safe Driving Habits in the Winter Months

Exercising extreme caution is very important when driving in snow and ice.  If you live in an area that receives a great deal of snow then you have probably learned that sometimes it is better to stay off the road entirely when winter weather hits. 

 Driving in snow and ice can be difficult and extremely dangerous even if you have four or front wheel drive.  Many times, people have the misconception that if you have a heavy vehicle then you will have no problem driving in snow.  Heavy vehicle are not immune from the dangers associated with snow and ice.

 First, if you must drive try to use a vehicle that may be equipped to handle slippery roads.  Even if you have a heavy vehicle, it is best to drive slow and occasionally pump the brakes lightly.  In addition, make sure you have a fully charged cell phone and a full tank of gas.  At least one flashlight and can of fix a flat could come in handy also.

 Finally, you may want to set your hazard lights on to let other drivers know you plan to drive slowly and they should keep a reasonable distance from your vehicle to avoid an accident.  The stupid mistakes drivers make is driving too fast and too close to the car in front of them during an ice or snowstorm. 

 Again, stay off the roads unless it is an emergency.  Serious accidents have been attributed to snow, slush and ice.  Stay safe and stay indoors.