How to Find And Use Pictures of Hello Kitty

Step 1: Go to, and along the top navigation bar you’ll see a “fun and games” section. Click through this section to uncover the art center, egoodies, and calendar — all of which will be loaded with pictures of Hello Kitty and her friends.

Step 2: Look around your house for pictures of Hello Kitty. Search coloring books, packaging, or toys for Hello Kitty and scan them with your computer.

Step 3: Search Google or other search engines for pictures of Hello Kitty. You can even search for online coloring pages and either print these off to color or color them in online with a paint program.

If you want to color a picture in but it’s already colored, you can scan it, and use a paint program to take out the color.

And if your paint program will let you, try applying filters and effects to your pictures of Hello Kitty for an easy way to get more or a fun way to experiment.

Step 4: Aside from using your collection of pictures for coloring, you can also use them for things like crafting, designing unique gifts, or as wrapping paper.

Step 5: Draw your own pictures of Hello Kitty and then color them in. Now you have an instant coloring book of Hello Kitty pictures — in your head! If drawing is too hard, or you really want to color in a complex scene, but it’s already colored, just put a blank piece of paper over the scene and enjoy tracing it.

Step 6: Now that you have your pictures of Hello Kitty, use your pictures for various things, including, posting them to your desktop as a desktop background, re-drawing them for fun, using them as avatars on instant messaging programs or social networking programs like MySpace, using them as emoticons (even create your own), or just hang them up around your room.

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