How to Find Free Foreclosure Listings Online


There are several websites that allow you to find free foreclosure listings online. Many websites charge for this service, but it really is not necessary to pay to find these listings. Some of these sites are through government run programs such as HUD while others are through private companies. Here are some of the websites with free listings:

  • This website provides access for free viewing of foreclosures online. You just need to register with the website giving your name email address and phone number. You can view foreclosures by state, zip code, address, etc.
  • Banks such as Bank of America and Chase Mortgage list foreclosures on their websites. Premiere Asset Services (PASREO) and also list foreclosures from banks online. Check with your local banks to see if they have foreclosure listings online for free. Many times houses are owned by the banks once the owner defaults on the loan. Several well known banks across the nation list these foreclosures online free for anyone to see. These are also called REO or Bank Owned Homes.
  • HUD: The U.S. department of Housing and Urban Development lists homes on their website including foreclosure listings that you can see for free.
  • The Department of Veteran’s Affairs and other government departments list foreclosures and other houses for sale on this website that anyone can view for free online.
  • Zip Realty Foreclosure Listings This site allows you to search by City, State, or Zip Code. It does not have a full list of foreclosures available for free, but does allow you to view several foreclosure properties in your area, complete with photos, addresses, etc.