How to Find Property Appraisal Records or Property Tax Information for Any Location in the United States



<u>Step 1</u>: Use any good search engine like Yahoo or Google to being your search. You need the name of the county where the property is located for STEP 2. See TIPS section below for how to find any county if you know the name of a city within that county.

<u>Step :</u>Type in the name of the county followed by the words “county property appraisal record search”. For example, if I wanted to research a property in Pinellas County, I would type in “Pinellas county property appraisal record search”.

<u>Step 3:</u>Check the search results for headings like “real property search”, “county property appraisal office”, “tax records search”, “county recorder’ s information system”, or similar. If you see the county you’re looking for, you’re more than halfway there.

<u>Step 4:</u>Once you’re on the web page of the property appraisal or tax record site, you only need to find the property search link where you will be asked to enter the owner’s name, address, or other information identifying the real estate you are searching for.


  • If you know the name of a city, and want to know how to find the county where it is located, you can simply use Google.
  • Type in the city name, plus sign (+, and the word “county” (for example, Chicago + county), then click the Search button.
  • The search results will have the city’s name and the corresponding county name throughout the page.
  • Make a note of the county name and continue with the Step 2.
  • Some government databases will ask you to read the their terms before you are allowed into the search area. Simply read and accept terms accordingly before entering.
  • There may be a few States with counties that haven’t yet joined the internet age. These will offer direct instructions on how to obtain the records you are seeking.