How to Find The Greatest Anime Series

…but i like to look at is as an adventure… a story… each new anime you watch is just another part in your anime story adventure — even when you only watch pieces and bits of anime instead of the whole thing at once.

So given all this information, how do you find the best anime series? There are a variety of ways.

Step 1. The first way is to look at reviews. Open a web browser and search for “top 10 anime” or “top 20 anime” or “top 100 anime” and surely results will pop up. You can also go to reputable sites that list top anime as their basic website theme such as This site lists reviews and I’ve found a lot of good anime on this site… “classic” anime is what I would consider it. It’s maybe not to everyone’s liking at any specific point in their life, but it’s certainly high-quality anime, and if you search enough, you’ll find an anime that really suits who you are — that really lets out and expresses yourself and means something to you.

Step 2: If you like a specific genre of a show, anime is not a genre… whatever genre you can think of there is an anime for it. This could be a great start for finding the best anime for you.

Step 3: If you’re completely lost, you can go to the review section of their site and start with the four and five stared-revied anime. These are usually the classic anime… they my not speak to you personally as a whole, but surely you’ll be able to find something in it that you like (or something you dislike very much.) The point is to get out and watch some anime so you have a strong directional pointer for where you’re likely to find the next best anime.

Step 4: If you’re completely lost, just choose a completely random anime off the shelf or online… just move your mouse randomly down the list and stop. Whatever it lands on is what you commit to watch. This could end up being the best anime you’ve ever saw (or it could end up being the worst). At the least, it will provide an interesting experience for you.

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