How to Find Your Resting Heart Rate Easily, Anywhere, Anytime

Step 1

First, of course, you have to find your pulse! Take the index and middle fingers of your right hand, and place them on the left side of your neck, around the upper throat area. Search for a pulse. Don’t find one? Try finding it using the opposite hand and throat area.

Step 2

STILL haven’t found it? Don’t worry, it’s there; you ARE alive, after all. Take the same two fingers and place them on the underside of your wrist. Search for a pulse here. Just like I said above, switch hands if you aren’t finding anything.

Step 3

No luck YET? You may need a heart rate monitor in this case. You can use the type that you strap onto your chest, or there are ones that are made just for calculating resting heart rates, and look like a long cylinder. Use the instructions for the individual heart rate monitor to calculate your resting heart rate.

Step 4

Now that you’ve found your watch, you can operate the stopwatch with your other hand (if you’re using a watch, make sure that it’s somewhere VISIBLE!) Watch the clock for 30 seconds, and count the beats during that time. If you want to be super-accurate, count for 60 seconds.

Step 5

If you counted to thirty, now multiply the number of beats by two in order to find the number of beats per minute. You can do this a few times and then find the average, to be sure that you have found your accurate resting heart rate.

Tips and Warnings

  • The best time to find your resting heart rate is right in bed, before you even get up! If this is not possible, though, do it when you’re absolutely calm and content. Any kind of stress can raise your heart rate!