How to fix A-Rod’s Image After His Steroid Admission

1) Give back the Bonus

Alex Rodriguez’ current 10-year $275 million is structured to pay him $30 million in bonuses for five different milestones as he approaches the home run record. Each installment will pay him $6 million for tying the home run totals of Willie Mays (660), Babe Ruth (714), Hank Aaron (755)  and Barry Bonds (762). He will get the final $6 million when he passes Bonds. 

Rodriguez is moving in the right direction by establishing a relationship with Mr. Don Hooten, an anti-steroid activist whose son committed suicide from steroids. Rodriguez needs to make a huge sacrifice here and donate the majority of his bonus money to the steroid awareness programs. 

For example, if he were to give back half the bonuses, then the public can root for him again to break the record as each milestone is an automatic donation of $3 million to end steroid abuse. The public wants to forgive people and root for good causes. Give them something to root for besides the player. Give them a reason to root for a cause. Give them a reason to root for something bigger than Alex Rodriguez. 

2) Think About the Kids

Rodriguez needs to recognize he is a role model for a lot of children. He needs to go on a tour around the country to talk to children about the effects of abusing steroids. He claims the steroids caused him to have a neck injury to stop, so explain why doing steroids could cause serious abuse to your body. 

He has to deflect the attention off of him and make this an issue that is larger than him. This will be tough for Rodriguez, who has a huge ego to begin with. 

3) Be Normal

It is no secret Rodriguez is a larger-than-life celebrity in New York City. Both who he is dating and what he is doing will get eaten up by the tabloids. It is time to downsize his team of people who work for him: agents, managers, representatives, PR crisis management teams…

Let it all go, be normal, tell the truth. He talks about being truthful to himself, how can he be truthful to himself when he has several people telling him what to say? It’s time to just live and not worry about what people think – be normal.