How to generate traffic to your blog for free.

If you like to make money with blogging either you have money to invest or nothing to start with do not worry. In case you have some money to invest I recommend that you get a blog with a custom domain. If you do not have any money to start with then you can get a free blog from and add your Adsense account to make money. This all do not work if you do not have any traffic. To get the the amount of traffic you need you got to put the theories of generating traffic into action. There are free and paid methods to get traffic. Check below the important tips to get traffic.

Social bookmark.

This is using much social bookmarking sites as possible to share your content with the readers to the social bookmarking sites. There is an easy way to save time and money. If you buy a social bookmarking software such as Social bookmarking Demon. You can save lots of time and manual labor. If you like to generate traffic in large sums you can social bookmark your sites or blogs into social bookmarking sites. If you can become active on those social bookmarking sites sharing dialy content you can grow a steady readership. Go to sites like This is a site with lots of users but not many as sites like

Submit articles.

If you like to generate traffic there is also the possibility to write articles. If you can learn to write quality content to submit to article directories then you can get lots of traffic from the search engines for free. All you have to do is offer useful content through articles. Make sure you brand your self as an expert in the field you are writing about. Make sure you make the life more pleasent through offering useful information. This is not that hard. If you writing about making money online then offer various information through articles weekly. Submit to sites like This is free and read the rules before submitting this will keep you from getting banned from the sites. Do not place any links in the first head of the article. 

Comment on blogs.

If you have a blog then you like to build links back to rank high in the search engines to get free traffic then comment on blogs. Make sure you give relevant feedback about the blogs. Like social bookmarking it is quite wise to buy a software to make the whole process much easier. If you are going to make the comments manually it is okay but if you have a software you do not have to find the blogs manually. There are free and paid software online to make the whole process of commenting on blogs easier.