How to Get All Dlc on Halo 3

Many say it cannot be done, while others slowly figure it out. You don’t have to be either of those gamers, cause I’m gonna give it to you straight and get you on MLG – ASAP.

DLC stands for “Downloadable Content”, so the game is basically just saying you need all the downloadable map packs in order to play the more advanced playlists. Why? No one is really all that sure, but some reckon it is part of the MLG set up and not actually something Halo or Bungie set up. So if there are any complaints to these rules, it would be best to take it up with the MLG peeps.

STEP 1) Start up Halo  3



STEP 4) Download all free MAPS (you can download the trailers if you want them, but for the purposes of this guide, you only need to download all of the free maps in this step.) Cold Storage, Heroic Map Pack, etc…

STEP 5) Download the last three MAP PACKS. This will be the LEGENDARY MAP PACK, MYTHIC MAP PACK and MYTHIC MAP PACK II. This will cost you about 2000 Microsoft Points. Cost around $25.

NOTE: You cannot play MLG, Team Snipers, MLG FFA or any Mythic Playlists unless you have ALL the map packs. You can get the three map packs on the ODST cd if you’d prefer a faster method, but in the long run, it is slightly cheaper to by Halo 3 and then just purchase the Map Packs. It’s your choice.

STEP 6) Go to your XBOX DASHBOARD by pressing the X button on your controller.

STEP 7) Move to the last tab on the left and choose SYSTEM SETTINGS

STEP 8) Next choose MEMORY

STEP 9) Select GAMES

STEP 10) Go down the list until you find HALO 3, then choose it

STEP 11) Check to make sure ALL Map Packs fully downloaded onto your memory. If any of them have (!) exclamation symbols on them, then they did not download properly and you will have to re-download them. If one or two of the paid ones didn’t make it, don’t fret, you don’t have to pay for them again, just re-download

STEP 12) Restart HALO 3 and play the Previously Locked Playlists that you could not place before.

NOTE: Remember that MLG stands for “Major League Gaming” and most of the peeps in there are serious about their game play. Don’t go into it lightly, unless you enjoy getting creamed.