How to get away from a bad date

You’re out on a date and you sense that it’s not going right. You can always end it early. There will be some dates that won’t go right no matter what you do. You need to end those dates early so that you don’t run into further problems. This is why it’s important to go on dates in a public place so that you can get away from problems if there are problems.

When you go on dates, you can go out in public so that it’s easier for you leave your date. It’s easier for you to lose them too. You can pretend to go to the restroom and never come back. When you go out in public, you should always have a cell phone with you so that you can call someone out to rescue you out of miserable dates. There are some people who won’t turn out the way that you think they would turn out. This is when you need to find ways to end the date early.

You can always make excuses. Excuses work. You can tell them that you need to go home early because you have work tomorrow or you have to sleep because you’re tired. You can tell that your brother called and you need to pick your brother up from the airport. Any excuses will work. It’s better than sitting there and not enjoying your time. You can tell them that you need to go somewhere now and that you like to catch up later. You don’t have to be honest if it’s a terrible date. You will run into perverts sometimes or men that want nothing more than the physical thing. You will run into these problems. If you stay, you will regret it later. There are men that will push it really far if you don’t take action and end your date. I’ve been to horrible dates before and I know that not all dates are going to be good.