How to Get Back on Your Feet From The Recession

Look for jobs

The more you look for it the faster you will land one. Right now is about looking for a job instead of your favorite job. Any job is good in this kind of economy and worry about your favorite job later on, like five years from now. The economy is slowly recovering but the US and the rest of the world is still suffering in every way so keep this in mind and don’t get frustrated.

Welfare department

Well, if you have young children and you’re really stuck, you can get help here. You can get welfare help, food stamps, housing, money , and healthcare temporarily until you get back on your feet. You can also get help if you’re a veteran or you’re an ex-military or army, marines. They’re there to help you, so you should take advantage of them.

Freelance jobs

There are plenty of freelance opportunities if you put some efforts into them, like writing, website designs, outsource opportunity and so on. You can check Craigslist for them, since there are plenty of temp. positions on there and you can also advertise your service too. You have to get creative during this time of year.

Cut spending

This time is the perfect time to cut spending, like travel, partying, drinking, smoking, lavish shopping, tickets and late fees. You will be glad that you do know how to save. These extra spending can add up to thousands per month and if you do cut them then you end up saving thousands per month.

Credit cards

You can use credit cards to cover your basic needs and emergency during this time of the year. You only have to pay a little back each month so it helps out a little, even though you have to pay interest on it but if you really need help then you can get help this way.


Your family can help you out too. This is what family is here for, so take advantage of them. You can stay with them, live with them, share utilities, food until you’re good on your own.

Have children help

If your children can work, you should put them to work. They will help you out quiet a bit. They can get jobs and they can pay their own cost, and help you out too. You should push them more to go out and get a job.

New training and education

If you’re really having problems, then new training or education can help you out. It’s no good to stick to a job that is hard to find. Some new training for career can be short and you will have a high paying job in no time.

Army military national guard

You can join the military, national guard, army, marines to get benefits and they will provide a free college education and housing and pay you each month too so it’s good.

Temp agency

You can locate all the temp agency where you live and sign up with them. They can provide a good load of work if not full time and they will hire just about anyone for anything, and especially if you live in a metropolitan area.