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How long will this take me?
It will only take about 30 minutes of work and its so easy that anybody can do it. It will be as easy as that. Everybody should know about Rewards1

How can I make the offers credit faster?
You can start out by using a new email address for the offers and also by using valid info for the offers and leaving hte page open at the end for a few minutes. Offers will credit usually within a few minutes. Also, use Greasemonkey to complete the offers for you.

Why should you believe me?
You can check out my slideshow from the prizes I’ve received from Rewards1. I have redeemed many Free Xbox Live Gold Membership codes from this site.

How can I get these codes for free?
These companies pay Rewards1 for us to do these free offers. Then PrizeRebel pays you for doing them. You then get the Free Xbox Live Memberships from them and it’s just a domino effect.

Are these codes completely legit?
I guarantee you that they are legit. I have received 7 one month codes already from this site and I will be buying more soon from them.

How can I gain points faster?
You can gain tons more points by referring others. When you get somebody to sign up under your Referral Link, you gain 20% of what they make. So, if he gains 1 pt, you also gain .2 of a point for him getting that. You can make tons of points doing this this way.

What can you lose?
Nothing at all. All you can do is win. Why should you pay for Xbox Live when you can get it for free. Instead of paying 40 bucks a year which is a complete waste of money, head over to Rewards1 and get that membership for free. Why should we have to pay for Online memberships when PS3 users do not have to pay anything for online play. Sometimes things like that make me wonder. The only reason I don’t switch to the PS3 is because of the awesome online experience on Xbox Live. It is just too awesome to give up.