How to Get High or Stoned Legally!

There are many ways to get high legally. I will name four here. They may or may not be what you’re looking for. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

First off, excercise! Working out till you drop makes you feel high. You’ll experience vomiting, body aches, and head aches! All the side effects of getting high! Also, you’ll get the body of your dreams in no time! Six packs and 24 inch biceps in a couple weeks max!

If that doesn’t fo it for you, meditating works. Meditating gives you the feeling of extreme peace and comfort. Just like getting high! Yoga helps too. Just don’t break bones while training.

Next, Service! Working and helping out complete strangers gives you a great feeling about yourself! Wouldn’t you like to be helped by a stranger? Time to repay that feeling. Hobos need help too.

Lastly, a literall way of getting high. Smoke nutmeg. Sounds stupid, I know that. But it works. Takes longer to get high, but works just as well. It gives off a sweet smell.

The cops won’t bother arresting you for getting high now! Although psychologists might think you need “help”. All credit goes to me for this article.

All of these examples have been performed…. By idiots! Don’t seriously try the fitness one. That one might hurt….. Still the same as getting high. Leave positive comments! And tell your friends to read! I need money and this is a good way to make friends think there is an actual way to get high.