How To Get Ideas For Articles


Article marketing, or bum marketing as it is sometimes called, involves writing a ton of articles.  Out of all the hyped up web marketing techniques, I think this is one of few techniques that can actually work.  Of course, there is more to it than just writing a ton of articles, but this is where most people hit a brick wall.  They just can’t think of how they can write so many articles on one single solitary subject.  Well, help is at hand…

Write On Related Topics

Don’t think only about your product and nothing else.  Think about what your customers might also be interested, or why your customers won’t buy your product, or even why you would recommend a competitor’s product.  I am sure that by taking a broader view of your product, you will be able to come up with lots more ideas for articles.

Make A List

A excellent way of writing articles is to make use of lists.  If you want to talk about the advantages of your product, first make a list of all the advantages.  Don’t worry if it can’t fit into one article, just make the list as exhaustive as you can.  Once you have made the list, and I am sure that it is probably too long to fit into one article, split it up into smaller lists and you automatically have a few articles from just one angle.

Target Different Audiences

You can write an article meant for single women who have never been married.  You can write another article, with the same message, but with examples directed at divorced single women with kids.  The tone, style and language of each article will be tailored for the specific demographic, although the message conveyed is the same.  In this way, you can easily have quite a few different articles based on a single article.

If You Have No More Ideas For Articles…

Sometimes we will run out of new ideas for articles.  It happens.  Take a break for a day and go read a magazine, or browse the web, or go get some needed exercise.  I can practically guarantee you that by the end of the day, you will be brimming with new ideas.


Coming up with hundreds of articles on the same topic is really not as challenging as it would appear at first glance.  There are always many angles to any topic and you can write one article for each angle.  You have the option of expanding on each individual point made in an article and you can explore related topics in the same way.  In fact, when you think about it, you probably won’t have time to write all the potential articles.