How to Get Rid of Acne With Simple Home Remedies

Oftentimes, the answer to this problem lies in our very own kitchens. Here are top face masks that have been prepared using everyday ingredients present in most households, yet have proven to allay or even get rid of acne at the root.

  • Mixing duo parts water with one part clay plus some amount honey. Adding some droplets essential oil and mixing it up well. Apply on the face & then leave for fifteen minutes.
  • Take three tablespoons of honey plus one teaspoonful each of nutmeg & cinnamon and some droplets freshly squeezed lemon. Blend all the constituents well and refrigerate it for some time. Now the mask is to be applied and left on for thirty minutes & then rinsed off.
  • Try making a mud face mask by firstly adding two teaspoons each of juiced lemon & water into fuller’s earth and stirring well till it is a paste-like consistency. After a few minutes add one to two droplets Tea Tree essential oil to this and mix well. Now apply a thick paste over the face & leaving it for five minutes.
  • Mixing three tablespoons aloe vera juice, duo droplets of rose essential oil and a tablespoon of aloe vera gel to be mixed properly. The mixture to be applied on the facial area and left for five to seven minutes. Optionally aloe vera extract plus honey mask is also a fine facial cleanser.
  • Mixing together water along with baking soda for forming a thick paste-like blend and slathering over the face & leaving it on for fifteen minutes & then washing off.
  • Place some rock or cooking salt into water for twenty minutes & then applying as a mask on the face & leaving it on for ten to thirty minutes. Salt is believed to cleanse the skin & help in drying out the acne.
  • Slightly heating up a tsp. honey till it softens & then adding a tbsp. plain yoghurt (avoid using fat-free or less fat variety) and mixing them well. Apply this over the face and let it stay for ten to twenty minutes & then washing off.
  • Pureeing a small onion and then cooking half cup rolled oats and letting it come to room temperature prior to mixing the two together. Apply on the face and leaving it on for five to fifteen minutes and then washing off.
  • Whipping the white portion of the egg & adding some lemon juice to it and applying on face to be left for fifteen to twenty minutes & then washing off.
  • Though the smell of garlic can be off-putting to many people but it has been found to be quite effectual as spot treatment for pimples due to its bacteria-fighting qualities.