How To Get Rid of Your Addictive Personality Permanently

Do you know that “your” addictive personality is actually not yours? Does that sound contrary to what you have been told? Do you know that when you engage in addictive behaviours you are actually not in control of yourself and that means that something else is in control of you? Do you know that there is a simple reason why you find yourself hijacked by subconsciously driven addictive programs that run and ruin your life? What is that you ask?

Those addictive programs are ways you have been conditioned to cope with uncomfortable feelings and emotions from past negative events that remain stored within you as what I call emotional landmines. These landmines exist in the form of emotionally charged negative memories that live inside of you which regularly get retriggered by events in your daily life.

The addictive tendencies are simply the way you use to try and avoid re-experiencing the old painful negative feelings when they threaten to re-emerge. Sadly such compensatory tendencies are a) destructive in and of themselves and b) don’t actually address the root of the problem i.e. the ongoing presence of that old pain within you.

So how does one address the old pain once and for all?

Well, very simply by erasing any and all negative memories permanently and completely.

Is that even possible you ask? Absolutely!

A new coaching process developed over a decade ago has shown the ability to do just that through a question and answer process that is accessible to anyone in the world who can read and write. By erasing the negative memories one is left feeling like they actually never took place. Additionally any and all buried emotional pain associated with such memories completely and permanently disappear.

As difficult as that may seem to believe it has been a reality for thousands of individuals around the world.

As the old memories are erased the addictive personality goes with it. Why is that?

Well because the latter was essentially in place to try to attenuate the effects of the former. Hence when the memories disappear the latter becomes obsolete and rapidly becomes extinguished.

Now I realize that many of you will find this hard to fathom or to believe so that is why I offer a free introductory 1 hour telephone/Skype consultation that will begin to give you an experience of this remarkable process.

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