How to get stronger nails.

How to get stronger nails.

If you have weak, flaky nails, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you are trying to grow them. They split, chip and peel, and very often will not grow past your fingertips without breaking. There are ways that you can help your nails become healthier and stronger.

Do not use your nails to do things! They will break and split f you treat them like tools. Do not use them to open coke cans, press buttons or anything like that.

Use the pads of your fingers or your knuckles to press buttons or type. It will take a while to get used to it, but you’ll notice the difference when you do.

Buy a hand cream that contains nail strengtheners, apply it as often as you normally would. It will help keep your hands soft and your nails strong at the same time.

Water weakens your nails; apply hand cream every time you wash them.

Apply hand cream; put on rubber gloves and then do the washing up, the warm water will help the cream to absorb

If you paint your nails, try to use a strengthening nail polish; there are several different ranges now, so you will have a good colour selection to choose from.

Use an acetone free nail polish remover, acetone dries nails, so it will make them weaker.

Use a nail strengthener, you can use it as a base coat and apply nail polish over the top. Or you can use it alone.

Gently rub your nails together. Do this by placing your hands, palms together and bending your fingers inwards so the nails are touching. Do this (gently) twice a day for about five minutes.