How to get the Firefox Web Browser

Are you tired of all the virus, trojan, worm and malware associated with Windows Internet Explorer? Did you know that about 97% of malware is written for Internet Explorer? The good news is you can avoid most of these issues by using a different, more secure browser like Firefox. The even better news is that it is totally free!

Go to and do a little homework. Here you will learn about the Firefox Web Browsers features, security and how to customize the browser to suit your needs. It even gives you a great comparison between Firefox and Internet Explorer


Now that you have all the information you need to confidently try a new browser, you can get started on the installation. Once again, go to and click on Firefox 3 Free Download. Follow the instructions to install the program. It will only take a few minutes to run the installer and set up.

If you have always used Internet Explorer as your browser then you may need a few minutes to get used to Firefox. However, you can be assured that you are browsing the web in safer environment and I bet you will be pleasantly surprised at how much faster your pages load and how your browser never crashes or freezes anymore!

Remember that Firefox is a free software download web browser for use with windows instead of using the internet explorer browser. The default homepage in Firefox is Google. Firefox works with microsoft windows xp and windows vista. Firefox offers greater protection while using the web and will work just fine with your existing spyware, firewall and antivirus software. It works well with voip, vpn, messenger, hotmail, yahoo mail and all the toolbars out there.

Firefox is created by Mozilla which is global community that promotes open source software so the world can have a safe, secure and very cool internet experience that is totally free. Check out the software they have to offer!