How to Handle a Winchester Self Loading Rifle

The USA is the home of firearms.  Getting a license and a weapon is the easiest in the USA than anywhere else in the world. This is perhaps the only country in the world where a citizen can own even a machine gun, albeit with some restrictions. Not forgetting the AK 47 and 56 that are also available. To get a licence for a SLR in the USA all you require is an approval from the local Sherriff.

This love for weapons in the USA has translated into a number of rifles  being manufactured. One of the vintage rifles manufactured is the .315 Winchester rifle. This is an self loading rifle and just needs to be cocked once, before firing an entire magazine.

 The Winchester  can be easily dismantled and comes apart into 3 pieces. The pieces fit snugly in a special carrying case and the weapon can be carried in the hand like a briefcase.  For firing the weapon can be easily re-assembled . This takes about 5 minutes and after that the magazine can be fit for firing. 

The Winchester has a recoil spring just below the barrel, which when pressed inwards cocks the rifle. Once the weapon is cocked you can use it for a regular burst or a single shot without reloading the weapon again and again. The gun continues firing till the magazine is emptied. The bullets for the weapon are not available in India and one has to get a license and import them. They can burn a hole in the pocket.

The weapon is an excellent arm for hunting the man-eaters and the rogue elephants. It has an effective range of almost 1000 yards and is a lethal weapon. However this SLR rifle cannot be owned by a civilian in India and its use is restricted to members of the Police and armed forces.  But Shikaris registered to kill man-eaters can be issued licences for this weapon. The weapon must be stored carefully in its proper case after dismantling. Make ita point to oil an dgrease the barrell once going in for a long storage. Even if stored for a long period, the gun must be taken out re-assembled and then put back.

I have a .315 Winchester and its a lovely weapon. But in the last 20 years I have fired it only twice and one of the bullets accounted for a Panther in the jungles of Khandwa.