How to Impress People on Your First Meeting With Them

Almost all of us want to impress others by any means. But impressing others on your first meeting is something that most of the people find difficult to do. Honestly it’s a bit difficult but if you follow some simple tips you can surely make it possible.

1.       Get well dressed: – Your appearance plays a great role in impressing someone. Try to wear something decent when you are going to meet someone and want them to be impressed by you on your first meeting. After all everyone likes to talk with a decent looking person.

2.       Try to have a pleasant personality: – Pleasant personality is yet another important factor. Try to show how well mannered and well behaved person you are. You can join some grooming classes in order to improve your personality.

3.       Smile: – Yeah it’s a very powerful thing that never fails. With your smile you can win the world. Whenever you meet someone greet him with your lovely smile.

4.       Eye contact: – Talking with someone without looking at them shows your inattentiveness which is not very impressive. So while talking with someone look into their eyes and show your confidence.

5.       Take part in conversations: – When you are meeting someone for the first time make sure that you take part in every conversation that the other person starts. Also try to start conversation from your part too so that the person you are meeting with can understand how much knowledge you possess in different matters.

6.       Try to find out their likes and dislikes: – Try to gather as much knowledge as you can about the person you are going to meet. Make sure you know what he likes to talk about and what he doesn’t.

7.       Don’t try to be over smart: – What you don’t know you don’t know. Don’t try to be over smart in order to impress someone. It will only make you appear as a fool in front of them. If you don’t know anything then admit, you can also ask the person to give you some knowledge about that area. The person will really appreciate your interest.

8.       Listen: – Trying to impress someone doesn’t mean that you only talk about yourself continuously without letting others to share their views. Only a good listener can be a good speaker. So talk as much as needed, no less no more.

9.       Have patience: – Don’t rush and think that you can learn to impress others in one day. It may take some time but gradually you will be able to achieve your goal. Go on practicing…….Because Practice is something that makes a man perfect.