How To Increase Your Writing Revenue

1. Blogger

Blogger is a great site if you love to blog.  You can write about anything and everything that your heart desires.  Blogger allows you to pick a set background and customize your widgets.  They also have share features that allow you to share your blogs with other sites as well as let your friends or followers share them with others.  Chitika will customize a widget for your Blogger site and when you sign up with them it will be added right to your site.  You can chose the size you want and get earning.  Blogger also lets you put your Adsense ads on as well.  I earn a fair amount of revenue with each one of these ad sites.  Another great thing to remember is the more that you blog on your site about timely and relevant information the more likely you are to have subscribers and repeat visitors that share your site with their friends and so on.

2. Squidoo

Squidoo is a wonderland.  Just found this site through the Triond “share your link” box.  Love it already, you can create something called lenses and each lens can be about a different topic.  Then you can add your articles that are similar to the topic of the lens right onto the page and publish it so that it can be surfed and rated.  Make sure that you have a great deal of content and that you are willing to put in the time because Squidoo recommends against posting your lens unless it has a significant amount of content on it.  You can also add your blog straight to Squidoo as well as monetize by signing up for an Amazon ID.  Squidoo is teamed up with Chitika and allows you to customize the look and feel of each one of your lenses.  You also earn points by questing and can use those points to unlock certain features on the site.  Another great feature is adding the Squidoo This and when you see something that relates to one of your lenses you can easily add it just by clicking.

3. Bukisa

Bukisa is a great writing site that you can submit content to on a regular basis.  They do require that you submit a specific type of content that falls under the categories that are listed.  I do post many of my Triond works here as well as some of my blog topics depending on what they are.  This is a great writing site that is teamed up with both Adsense and just recently Chitika.  Great opportunity to write about what you love and make money but also cash in on people clicking on the ads.


This is commonly confused with  There is a difference between the two.  There are not as many features available to you on as there is on  In fact the only way to make money on is to link some of your writing articles to it or incorporate some Adsense widgets. on the other hand can be monetized with outbrain and there are some even better programs out there that let you create multiple backlinks using  A good way to find out what they are is to get yourself a site and then check out their plug-ins.  One of them lets you spread the word to 26 sites in one click.

5. Triond

Triond is a great writing site that allows you to write about everything.  I haven’t found anything yet that they haven’t let me write about.  Make sure that you write, write, and write.  Triond occasionally has monthly specials that allow you to make more money based on the amount of articles that you write in that month.  You can also earn really neat badges that let everyone show what kind of progress you have.  Triond has a referral link that lets you earn money based on referrals and those referrals articles and is also teamed up with Adsense to help you get more out of your article site.  Triond is easy to navigate, has a great dashboard that is easy to understand, and has great tech support.  I earn a fair share of my money from this site even when I don’t write that often.  Allows you to also share to more that 200 other sites with just the click of a button.

6. Chitika

Chitika is a great site to sign up for and start incorporating adds into your web sites or article pages.  Chitika provides easy to customize ads to your site that allow people to click and help you earn revenue.  They are easy to sign up for and their setup looks similar if not exactly like Adsense.  If you are already using Adsense this will be a piece of cake to navigate and check out how much you are making daily.  Another great option with Chitika is that you can refer your friends and earn a portion of what they are earning with each one of their ad clicks. 

7. Adsense

Adsense, which is part of Google, is another great site that uses ads to spruce up your page and help you earn a bit more money.  Love their site because it is easy to navigate and use.  You can look at your page impressions as well as how many clicks you have had each month with the dashboard of Google Adsense.  You can even filter it to check each day or each year.  I like that you can sort your results by channels that you have associated with Adsense or Urls that you have associated with Adsense.  It allows you to advertise with not only ads but with search, feeds, mobile content, and domains.  Adsense has much to offer.  They also send out $100 free advertising cards once in awhile!!

8. OutBrain

Outbrain is a great new site that I just stumbled upon that has a ton to offer.  Whether you are a marketer or a publisher you will benefit from this site.  You can sign up for a free widget that works with Blogger,, TypePad, and a few others.  Now if you become a publisher with Outbrain they will automatically put your best work at the foot of your article.  How cool is that?!  This way it guides your visitors of your web site, blog, or article to more of what you have to offer.  In essence it is a well placed arrow to your new money fountain.  The great thing bout their links is that it points to other content that your reader might find interesting.  This is great because let’s face it you don’t always want to click on a link that wants to sell you something.  Outbrain provides links about things you want to know about based on your readings of other content.  You can also sign up to be a marketer so that your links are getting put in front of people that are actually interested in them and are going to click on them.  This is a win-win situation for both the publisher and that marketer.

Go ahead and check these sites out and remember that you can make money online writing.  You just have to know where to look.  So check out these sites and get to writing and don’t forget to have fun along the way.