How to Install a Sink Base


After you’ve measured for your cabinet to make sure you have the proper fit.Get the center of the cabinet across the top, Put a pencil mark in the center.If you are installing a cabinet in new construction .You are ready to get started.

Align the the center of the cabinet with the drain if possible to make the drain assembly work best.If that’s not possible,some drain configurations will be necessary.

Measure the height of the cabinet.Then measure up the wall in two places the distance of the cabinet and put a mark on the wall. Use a level and make a level line on the back wall for you to level the cabinet to.If one side is lower than the other use the highest side of the line to level the cabinet from. Measure for drain pipe and supply lines and transfer measurement to back of cabinet if back is present.Use a hole saw or jigsaw to cut out for drain.A spade bit would be appropriate for the supply lines.

Hold the cabinet up to your level line,use shims under cabinet if necessary to level and plumb cabinet.Level all sides of cabinet.once in place.Use at least two 2 1/2 inch screws to fasten cabinet to wall. Making sure to fasten screws to the wall studs. Once fastened check for level again on all sides of cabinet.

Once the cabinet is level and plumb.You can proceed to install the counter top or sink top. Caulk sink top or screw counter top to cabinet.