How to Install Wii Homebrew Commander Keen


Things You’ll Need:

  • Wii
  • Wii remote
  • SD card
  • SD card Reader
  • PC with Internet Access
  • Commander Keen download
  • Homebrew Channel and Twilight Princess Hack [see my other Bukisa articles on this :)]

Step 01- The first thing you want to do is install the Twilight Princess Hack and Homebrew Channel if not already installed. I have Bukisa articles, soft-mod and homebrew-channel, to explain this if they need to be installed.

Step 02– Using a card reader on your PC, make sure your SD card is formatted to FAT 16/32. Also search engine search for wiibrew. Choose the top result and once that page loads, search “Commander Keen” to find the Commander Keen homebrew download.

Step 03– To add homebrew Commander Keen Wii to your already installed Homebrew Channel, you need to make sure there is a folder called “Apps” on the root of your SD card. If there is not, make a folder and title it “Apps” [This is done on your PC using a card reader.]

Step 04– Inside the Apps folder is where you will create a folder and title it “Commander Keen.” Then put the files from the Commander Keen download into that folder (The files will be inside the “Commander Keen” folder you get when unzipping the download [meta.XML, icon.PNG, boot.dol]).

Step 05– Insert your SD card into your Wii and start it up. You will load the Homebrew Channel and in the application list, you should now see the Commander Keen game. Simply click on it and it will load. Congrats! You now have Commander Keen Wii installed.