How to Keep a Blog Successful

Blogging, as one of the main stream media online once noted, is dying. It is facebook that picks the court for the rest of the game. It is noted in the survey that people are more attracted towards facebook as the immediacy it offers in getting connected with their respective social communities is intimate.

The opportunities facebook offers are various. It provides a note-pad where everything that is done through a blog finds an alternative space. Compared to blogs the “note writing” in facebook gives more chances of finding readers, because the updating system in facebook is integrated with the community archives and therefore each time a post is made it is announced to each of the members of the community. Other options in facebook such as writing wall posts allow users with possibilities such as communicating with a number of other users with a minimum space and time.

 As the publicity of facebook is tremendously scathing upward, the old medium that helped you and me to scribble something out of our own and delighted our personal evenings with the satisfaction of self-publishing is verging ignorance: blogs. The space where blogs are shoved into, I mean the verge of carelessness and admiration is where ignorance and brutality can lead a human being into, as well. The destiny of blogs can be of us too, tomorrow, when the world will be superseded by anthropomorphized machines or the Superman, as apparently proposed by the well known philosopher Frederic Nietzsche.

 Then are blogs to be saved? Aren’t they just a virtual scribbling sheet that can just be thrown away into the recycle bins when we feel their use is over? No. Indeed there is no denying that blogs are virtual writing sheets. But they entertained our budding fantasies as artists, photographers, writers, which often included spending a lot of time with no monetary benefit in return. It is through free blogging that I began my writing career. My blog, THE INDIAN COMMENTATOR became a huge success and slowly though, as a writer, I am gaining a part of that success as my confidence. There is no denying the self confidence and satisfaction these virtual writing sheets fill us with. Then why are we concerned about facebook too much? Isn’t it our justification to the present for being what it is, to save blogs? Yes.

 If one’s blog is successful, definitely it is not possible for the one to kill it. Blog murders occur due to the lack of success in blogging. Therefore it is necessary to identify the measures to be taken to keep a successful blog. In my analysis I came across three significant steps a blogger should go through. They are:

1) The Emotional Factor.

2) The Quality Factor.


3) The Visibility Factor.

The first one of these measures is nothing but the love of the blogger towards blogging. The passion of the blogger towards his work, whether profitable or non-profitable, decides ‘The Emotional Factor.’ His love and passion supplies one with enough adrenalin to hold on to the work even in the face of despair. This is the first bright blotch on the paper of victory.

 The second and the most crucial measure is The Quality Factor. This aggregates all concerns to the quality of the content posted. Most of the beginners do not give much consideration to The Quality Factor. And this leads to the lack of drive of the readers towards the blog. If the blog posts are compelling the readers will rush into the page, and one can have the chance of even making a group of permanent readers.

 The third and the next important step is The Visibility Factor of your blog. The Visibility Factor concerns itself with the visibility of one’s blog in the maximum number of places which are capable of bringing in readers to your blog page, like community sites, comment boxes in other blogs, etc. The Visibility Factor is achieved through the integration of the multiple choices of interactive web sites available in the internet world. Facebook comes as one of the potential helping sites in this process. Facebook with its tremendous capacity to reach out to millions of people will surely prove to be the best hosting sites for your blog link. In order to improve The Visibility Factor, commenting on other web pages and blogs will also be a valid attempt to open doors through which one can access a good number of visitors. Some web sites and blogs register their visitor’s links and display them in their pages. This too can be a useful channel and an unprecedented bonus towards The Visibility Factor. This could be suggested in a better way as the affectivity of one’s interaction in the internet can get one a good readership and visitors to their blogs.