How to Keep a Clean House?

How to keep a clean house

Keeping a clean house isn’t always the easiest thing, especially when you have children that help tear up the progress you make. First you will need to sit the whole family down. This will be the assignment of task each person will be responsible for. For example my ten year old son is in charge of taking the trash out, cleaning his room, an washing the pets. When he does these he is allowed to watch television. If he fails to do any of these, TV time is out! This only has happened once. Now for your task keep it simple yet be sure to not to spend too much time in one place. Everyone in the house should know that they each are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. If they make a mess, clean it up. Also doing chores together can be a fun experience. It’s a good way to bond.  Organization is also a key in keeping a clean house. Be sure to keep all cleaning supplies together an out of the reach of young children. Be sure that every family member knows the place for every item. Now once you have reach the goal of a clean house. Be sure to reward the whole family, this doesnt have to be big. Just sumthing simple like going an seeing a movie, or having a movie night at home. These are common task i use in keepin my house clean an it sure seems to be working. Goodluck!