How To Keep Your Hair Healthy During The Summer

Before you know it, summer will be here. Along with protecting your skin against the elements, you should also protect your hair.

Here are a few tips on just how to protect your hair during the summer.

  • Prevent green hair. Yes, I said green. If you swim a lot, the chlorine from the water can turn your hair green. The best way to prevent this from happening is to rinse your hair before you jump in the pool. You hair shaft will be full of water so the chlorinated water will have less of a chance to absorb into your hair. Also use an anti-chlorine shampoo and conditioner after each swim.
  • Condition your hair regularly. By using a conditioning shampoo and conditioner several times a week, your hair will not get dry and frizzy from exposure from the sun.
  • Do a hot oil treatment along with a clarifying shampoo about three times a month. The clarifying shampoo will strip your hair of any buildup from styling products, sunscreen and salt.
  • Talk to your stylist about products you can spray onto your hair to help protect your hair and scalp from dangerous UV rays
  • Remember that color treated hair will fade faster during the summer, due to the exposure to the sun and heat. Try to avoid dark colors during the summer. If you do have color on your hair, find products that will help protect it.
  • Skip blow drying and hot rollers, curling irons during the summer. If you do use these, always use heat activated styling products, especially at the ends of your hair.
  • Try alternating updos. Instead of pulling your hair back in a pony tail; which can break your hair, try using cloth head bands, hair sticks, or plastic clips instead.

By following these simple things, you can emerge from summer with fantastic hair!