How to Level Up Fast in Roller Coaster Kingdom

Start out by adding Roller Coaster Kingdom to your Facebook if you have not already done this. You can add this game by going to the applications page and typing in Roller Coaster Kingdom. Once you have added it to your profile, create your park and start adding attractions.

Add as many rides as possible as well as food and drink in your park. The more things that you have in your park, the more fun your customers will have and the more money they will spend. As customers spend money in your park on Roller Coaster Kingdom, you will earn experience and coins.

Book customers by going to the parking lot and clicking on any of the parking spaces. Booking customers takes a certain amount of time before the guests are ready so wait until the time is up and then allow the customers into your park. You can choose how many customers you want to come based on how many coins you want to spend. Make sure that you come back and allow the customers into your park on Roller Coaster Kingdom or the time will expire and they will be unhappy and leave your park.

Build more attractions. Building attractions gives you more experience and more money on Roller Coaster Kingdom. The more fun your customers are having, the more rides they will ride, the more money they will spend and the more experience you will earn. Use these tips to level up fast in Roller Coaster Kingdom.

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