How to Live A Long and Healthy LIfe

Studies have shown that people who eat less and eat well live longer.  Choose your foods wisely so that they are full of nutrients.  Yes, those green leafy vegetables and others too.  Limit your intake of animal fat or eliminate if you can. 

It’s no surprise that regular exercise will keep you healthy.  But did you know that even if you are over 50, lifting weights can help with balance and even memory.  Very old people in their 80s and 90s who’ve consistently walked, hiked and did some form of exercise there entire lives can stay vigorous even into their elder years.

Strong social ties and a good marriage are both recipes for living a long healthy life.  In studies that compared men who smoked and were married to those who did not but remained single, their chance of dying of a heart attack was about equal.  So close relationship with others has a strong protective effect on health.

Keep your mind mentally stimulated as you grow older.  Volunteer, learn to play the violin, take up painting, have a strong sense of purpose about something you believe in.  These are all ways to also remain healthy mentally and stave off dementia and Alzheimers.


*  Exercise with a friend; you’ll have more fun.
*  If you have a partner or spouse, make dietary changes together it will be easier.
*  Don’t try to do all of these things at once.  Add a new idea or change every few months so that you’ll feel successful.

None of us can avoid our genetic make-up, but we can do a lot to help ourselves by following the steps listed above.