How To Look Like Hayden Panettiere

How to Look Like Hayden Panettiere

To look like Hayden Panettiere the actress on the hit television show Heroes, you must be a slim and fit woman. Hayden Panettiere is very active both inside and outside the gym. Hayden has blond hair and tan skin that is very healthy thanks to a healthy diet, and lifestyle. Keep reading this article on how to look like Hayden Panettiere, you will soon be looking just like Hayden herself.

How To Get Hayden Panettiere’s Body

How to get Hayden Panettiere’s body will require an active lifestyle. To get Hayden Panettiere’s body you need to know her diet and exercise routine. How much does Hayden Panettiere weigh? How does Hayden Panettiere stay so thin? What diet is Hayden Panettiere on? What is Hayden Panettiere’s exercise routine? Well, to get a body like Hayden Panettiere you better like the gym. Hayden is at the gym all the time and she exercises on the elliptical and treadmill five days a week. After cardio Hayden Panettiere lifts light weights and does squats and sit ups. To get Hayden Panettiere’s skinny body you will also need to eat healthy. Eat lean meats, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits to stay thin like Hayden Panettiere. Hayden Panettiere is just over 5 feet in height, and weights only 115 pounds.

How To Dress Like Hayden Panettiere

To dress like Hayden Panettiere you will need to dress sophisticated, and flirty. Hayden Panettiere has made a fashion diva out of herself lately. Showing up on the red carpet in sexy gowns that show off a lot of skin. Hayden Panettiere is on the short side so she wears lots of high heels and boots to give her some height. Hayden Panettiere does dress casual and has been seen wearing beautiful tops and skinny blue jeans.

How To Get Hayden Panettiere’s Hair

How to get Hayden Panettiere’s hair will require you to go blond. Go to a professional salon to get your hair color treated like Hayden’s. Hayden Panettiere has her hair medium length with long layers. Hayden wears her hair down and curls the ends for some body. To create this look use a large curling iron and curl the ends of your hair, spray with hair spray to finish.

How To Wear Makeup Like Hayden Panettiere

How to wear makeup like Hayden Panettiere will not be hard. Hayden Panettiere wears very little makeup and has a great complextion. To wear makeup like Hayden Panettiere wear a face bronzer and apply a faux tan blush to check bones. Curl eyelashes with a eyelash curler and apply black mascara. To finish use a clear nude lip gloss.