How to Loose Weight Like Beyonce.

Beyonce has always been known as someone whos weight fluctuates but how does she manage to drop from a size 14 to a 12?. The 5ft 6 singer chooses to do it gradually over a year to avoid failing and getting bored. This is the safest and most successfull way of loosing weight and your more likely to suceed by doing it gradually. Combining regular exercise with a good balanced diet is the best way to slim down. Interval training is especially good because it means the body doesn’t get used to just one kind of activity and so continues to keep working hard.

Beyonce swears by a combination of dancing and interval running,she says, ” Changing my exercise keeps me from being bored out of my mind. Plus you burn more calories that way. I work out 5 times a week. I do cardio for half an hour, Followed by free weights for 45 minutes.” Beyonce knows only too well that faddy diets never work and for her role in Dreamgirls she managed to loose 22lbs in only 2 weeks by replacing meals with a maple syrup solution,Yuk! she was criticised for this at the time and after filming she regained every pound.

Eating the right kind of foods is especially inportant when it comes to dieting, that does’nt mean you have to eat less food and always be hungry, it’s all about changing bad habbits and lifestyle’s. Beyonces diet and exercise regime allows her to still enjoy her favourite treats like chocolate and not regain the weight she’s lost. Find an eating plan that suits you and your lifestyle because when we have families to please too, i know it can be difficult. I would highly reccomend the ” weight watchers”  diet menu for good food choices, They are packed full of tastey indgredients that all the family can enjoy and they will never even know its diet food! Infact they will probably think mom is being a little more adventureous in the kitchen. Their recipes are so easy to follow and they wont break the bank either.

So what you waiting for begin the experiment and be transformed!