How to Maintain a Good Long Distance Relationship

Being a part of a long distance relationship is a situation most people dislikes.  It portrays deprived lovers whose relationship’s bound to ruin. Many people believe that long distance relationship will never work. It actually does. On a closer look, it helps the partners maintain a comfortable distance needed to grow as individual.  It lets the partners advance in their careers without the daily jealousy and emotional fall-out that sometimes accompanies a relationship with a busy person.

Long distance relationship allows you to have more time for yourself.  You get to hold on to yourself while holding on to the relationship.  The relationship never gets toxic and there is lesser opportunity for clingy behavior.

With utmost care and attention, the distance can actually induce the partners to realize the significance of the times they spend together.  It is after experiencing absence does presence makes the heart go fonder. 

So how does one maintain a good long distance relationship?

Communicate. It is important to establish a good emotional connection. One should also consider the medium and their effect, a phone call for example is better because it is least likely to bring in miscommunication. In a phone call the listener is aware of the tone of voice and the delivery of the message in contrast with chat and text messages that can be misinterpreted and could likely fuel an argument. A video call is also a good idea.  The partner should look his/her best in front of the camera; one should always look stunning, it reminds your partner the distance is all worth it.

Give gifts. Write love letters. It rekindles the spark and love in the relationship. Send small gifts. It supplies the thoughtfulness a relationship needs. A simple note saying “wish you were here” could go a long way. Personalized gifts have more impact. Surprise your partner with chocolate or a book or anything that interests him/her. Surprises are fun because they are unexpected and show how thoughtful and fun a person is.

Fill your social calendars.Take advantage of your free time, hit the gym, join organizations, indulge in a new hobby, and update your wardrobe and looks.  Not only will you avoid boredom but will also look better the next time you see each other.  It is important to steer clear of boredom in a long distance relationship, because boredom is what makes partners graze into other pastures.  Until the time you finally get back together, fill your every day with exciting activities.

Plan a future together. When you talk about the future it reminds the two of you that the relationship is going somewhere and that your efforts and frustrations are not in vain.  It gives you a reason to fight for the relationship.  The future together serves as a motivation in enduring pain and making sacrifices.

Pursue Common Interests. A telephone chit-chat could get boring. To defy this, a couple should do things together just like couples who are together.  Watch TV or a movie individually and talk about it in a phone later. Read a certain book at the same time.  Challenge each other in a gym. It helps when your time and activities synchronize; it means you have a lot in common, a factor in a successful relationship.

See each other. Presence reinforces the love and need an absence create. When you get together you get the chance to be intimate, something that distinguishes a lover from a friend. There should be a predetermined plan of meetings and how often. It should be consistent. Consistency can help a long-distance relationship survive. It creates something to look forward to.

Trust your partner.Trust is a very essential ingredient in a good long distance relationship.  It fuels faith for the relationship. This is one requirementto prevent transforming from sweet and understanding partner to a psycho, crazy and annoying one. When you trust you protect your relationship from being trashed. Confidence in your partner’s loyalty brings in more happiness and security in the relationship.

All a relationship needs is an effort to keep it going. It needs the commitment to attend to the needs of one’s partner emotionally. A relationship is more demanding than friendship and long distance relationship is the most demanding of all.  However, the pay-off is the most gratifying. Surviving a long distance relationship proves that a couple’s determination, love, confidence, and faith for each other are beyond usual.

          A romantic pair who endures a long distance relationship gains a special confidence in each other.  They may have been far from each other’s arms in the past but that only made their spirits closer. After passing the test of distance a couple feels invigorated.  Indeed, the trials they are to face in the future will prove to be minute. When it comes to long distance relationship, it is always true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.