How to Make a Great Personal Gift Cheap!

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    Gather the materials of your choosing based on the recipients taste, color or holiday. Craft stores always have very good clearance on stickers and ribbon. You can however, get these things anywhere. You want to get a jar with a lid that has some sort of handle so you can tie on the gift tag.

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    Clean and dry the jar thoroughly. I recommend wiping it with rubbing alcohol to ensure the cleanest and driest surface. Place the stickers on the jar in any fashion you desire. You can get stickers that are removable for placement, but make sure you clean the area again. You can be as elaborate as using letter stickers to spell out the recipients name, or just a Happy Holidays sticker as one of mine shows.

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    Choose your filling for your jar. I like to use snowflake confetti to line the bottom of the jar. It gives the jar a great little extra effect. Striped peppermints are great for holiday jars, and in a smaller jar the recipient will be able to display your gift on their desk at work without cluttering their space. It is also a nice reminder every day when they get to work that you care!

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    You can take plastic 3D stickers and affix them with super glue 2.gif so you know they will stay in place while people are handling and admiring your crafty gift! Take a piece of card stock paper, it is also always on sale, and cut out any shape you choose for your gift tag. Punch a hole in the corner with any shaped hole punch. I like to use shaped punches which you can get for about $1 on sale. Write your note in your tag before adding the ribbon. Take ribbon of about 3-5 inches an put it through the hole punch on the tag and tie it through the handle on the lid of your jar.

  5. You can wrap it in pretty box and paper, or any box that will accommodate. I used an old box from an iron I bought for a bigger jar and sent it to the recipients place of employment. What a surprise it was when they received a package a work and then thought it was an iron! The element of surprise intensifies the appreciation when it’s compounded this way. So there you have it! A great gift, personal and still cheap enough to remember everyone on your list!

    Happy Holidays!