How to Make a Sewer Water Cocktail For Halloween

Sewer Water… what a fun name for a cocktail! And it really does look like sewer water. But I bet it tastes much better. The sewer water look comes from a mix of vodka, orange juice and Dr. Pepper. Just don’t end up in a sewer after drinking it!

Step 1:  GATHER THE INGREDIENTS — To make a Sewer Water cocktail you will need 2 ounces of vodka, 5 ounces orange juice, 4 ounces or Dr. Pepper, and a lemon wedge or lime wedge.

Step 2:  MIX THE DRINK — Fill a glass with ice then pour all the ingredients from step one in the order that they are listed.

Step 3:  GARNISH THE DRINK — You can garnish this drink with a wedge of lemon or lime or you could use a slice of orange. You could also freeze some Dr. Pepper in an ice cube tray and drop one or two of those black ice cubes in the drink for a special effect.

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