How to Make Accent Pillows For Sofas Out of Anything

Accent pillows for sofas are really a chance to make a big statement in your room. It allows you to repurpose a lot of the fabric that you might already own. Even if you aren’t a seamstress you probably have a lot more options than you might originally think. This allows you to decorate virtually for free.

This can be a way to add a lot of color into your space. You’re going to want to just look for old jeans. You can even use kid’s versions if you’re willing to go for a patchwork effect. Repurposing clothes allows you to get rid of any stained or torn areas just with a little creative cutting. This will be family friendly and has a casual country look to it.

Consider using burlap. This is going to be one of your less expensive options. Stenciled burlap or French flour sacks are very popular in designer magazines which also makes it very pricey. You can just look for more rustic fabric to create the same look yourself.

Textural fabrics are going to be comfortable and allow you to add interest with neutrals. Be aware that this will initially be a little bit more expensive. Plus, it will usually be more difficult to sew as well. You could find soft placements or even loopy accent rugs that you can turn into pillows; just make sure that it isn’t too heavy. This is really going to add a touch of softness in your space. If you have faux fur throws that you are tired off then try out a luxurious craft project. Let the fabric speak for itself by just sewing a simple square and skipping all of the embellishments.

Look for fabrics that are common in home décor but maybe a little bit uncommon in accent pillow design. This could be an embossed vinyl. This could look quite southwest and gives a lot of interest to a basic neutral leather sofa. You could even look for fabric that mimics tapestry for more of a traditional look.