How to make money writing online articles

There are many ways of earning money on the internet. Writing online articles is one way to go. It is not that hard. All you need to do is a little search and then a lot of writing. There are many articles that will tell you how to make money writing online articles. Knowledge gained from articles such as article you are reading, will help you a lot. There are several things you should know about writing online articles.

First of all, you should know some websites that will allow you to make money writing online articles. I will list few such pages below.


This is one of the oldest and probably the best of all writing sites. As an author, you have a lot of options here. You can either publish articles under already existing titles or submit your own titles. This is a great thing for starting authors, because it helps you find something to write about. Other big pros of helium are rating system and marketplace. I will shortly explain what they are. Marketplace is a feature that enables you to write articles on demand. You can earn a lot of money if you succeed in selling your article. However, marketplace is no place for beginners. There is a fierce competition. You need to write high quality articles to succeed.

It is important to participate in rating system. You will not receive any payments unless you rate other articles. This is a great thing as you will read other articles. This will help you improve your own writings. You can join helium at


Triond is another great website that will enable you to make money writing online articles. It is one of the best options for beginning writers. However, it is also a great place for skilled writers too. There is a great potential for earning money at triond. This is due to several options you have. First of all, you earn money for your article’s views. Then you can invite some friends. They become your referrals and you will get money equaling 10% of their earnings. However, do not worry! They will not receive any less than they would in case they were not your referrals.

Another great thing about triond is that they allow you to place your own Google ads with your content. This can generate nice additional income.

You can join triond here –

Associated content

Associated content is also one of the writing websites you should not skip. You will probably earn less than at helium or triond. However, it is well-worth it anyway as you can submit the same articles you have submitted to helium, triond and other writing websites.

In case you are an American citizen, you can receive up-front payments. Of course, you have to be approved to receive them first. Joining associated content can be done through


This is relatively new website. However, it is surely worth trying out. Pay-rate per article view is not constant at bukisa. It changes over time. It may sound horrific, but you can easily find out how much will you get per view. This is told via bukisa index. It is a number that tells you how many views you need to earn 1 cent. It is usually somewhere between 3 and 4 which means that you need just that few views to earn 1 cent. Bukisa also has referral system in place. So, you can earn some extra money for your active referrals. It is also possible to publish audio records and slides.

You can join bukisa here –

All of these websites allow you to submit your content elsewhere unless you give them exclusive rights to your content.

There are also other reputable writing websites. However, I have no personal experience with them. So, I will provide only some basic information on them.


As the title says, you write reviews on products and get paid for doing so. This website does not allow you to publish your articles elsewhere.

Constant content

You can put your work here. Publishers and webmasters can then purchase your work.


HubPages do not pay you for views on your articles. If you want to make money here, you will need Google adsense account.

Now that you know some great writing websites to start with, it is time for some more advice. You can make money just by writing and publishing online articles. However, you can make significantly more if you promote your articles. This can be done through bookmarking and social networking websites (facebook, my space, stumble upon and many others).

Another great way of promoting your articles is to start your own blog. You can link to your articles related to your blog posts and get some more traffic to them.

There is one more fact you should know about making money by writing online articles. It will take some time before you start earning more than few dollars a month. However, once you have written an article, it will usually keep you earning money over lifetime unless you sell your rights to someone else. This can mean a very high pay-check for the time you spent writing that article. Skilled writer can write well-researched and high quality article in one or two hours.