How to Make Parents And Kids Keep Daily Communication

It is important for parents and children to organize their time so as to be able to meet and keep daily communication. Following are several ways to make daily communication for both parent and child.

Wake Up in the Morning

The morning is a great time for parents and children to pay attention to each other before they were engaging in activities outside the home. Parents can awaken children and invites them to take a shower. At that time, parents can give advice and tips for small children as they are outside the House, in addition children can also convey some complaints regarding their relationships with classmates and friends play. This action is a medium for them to give each other mutual affection as well as revealing some things that need to be disclosed.


When all family members are enjoy breakfast, can also be a great time to encourage each other and messages when they have activity. Parents usually remind their kids to be careful on the way, in the classroom and learn all subjects in the school, be good with teachers, classmates and so on. In the other hand kids can give some spirits to parents about his work such as get lot money and come earlier. Maybe in this time they can say about the plan when they get holidays and where they will spend it.

Rest Period

Parents can contact their child when they take a break from work maybe they can inquire about the lesson that day or ask your child experience while in school. This is important because the child does not need to wait for a long time to deliver all of the problems they face while at school or on the way to school. This will help to lighten the load on their mind likewise the parent would immediately know the problems in their child and soon found the right solution.


At a time when parents and children enjoying the dinner they also can share their experiences and joked about all things in their activity, even making a solution of several problems they face. Even they could criticize about each other’s actions are not preferred.

One thing to keep in mind especially for parents is make your meeting with your kids to share every thing which considered good for them, so you can keep a good communication.

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