How to make the most out of DSLR Camera

DSLR camera (digital single-lens reflex camera)  is a digital camera that makes use of mechanical mirror system and pentaprism so as to  direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder placed at the back of the camera. There are 4 manual modes in a DSLR Camera.

  • P mode (program mode ) – This is very similar to auto mode. You can’t control the shutter speed or aperture, but you can adjust many other features which are inaccessible when your camera is in auto mode . You can set your ISO and white balance manually. You can also control your “EV” – which basically is used to adjust the brightness of the picture to your liking.
  • S mode (shutter mode ) –  In shutter priority mode, you can alter shutter speed but not lens aperture . The aperture automatically adjusts to your chosen shutter speed .  A useful shutter speed would be 1/5 of a second with a F-stop 5. You could even increase the shutter speed to 1 second ,  but to make it work you would have to set the ISO manually.
  • A mode (aperture priority mode ) –  This lets you manipulate the F-stop (which regulates light intake). Most photographers prefer aperture priority mode to shutter mode.
  • M  mode (fully manual mode ) – This gives complete manual control over your camera . You can control both shutter speed and F-stop in manual mode . Many settings are configurable in this mode, such as ISO , white balance , EV, quality etc.  Instead of just accepting the default settings you can exercise complete control over your image . You do, however, need to understand of all the possible settings of your camera before beginning to use it.

This will probably give you a basic idea on using a DSLR camera . Hope this helps 🙂