How To Make Things Work Between You And Your Shopaholic Significant Other

Being married to, or even just dating a shopaholic can be extremely frustrating. You feel like your shopaholic significant other is going to spend your entire budget and force you to lose all of your money and go broke. But, you love them, right? And you want to do everything in your power to make things work. However, simply overlooking their shopaholic addiction will only build up frustration and possibly lead to the end of you as a couple. You can avoid that by taking positive action.

You and your shopaholic significant other need to devise a savings plan with your money. Decide how much money you’re going to put into savings each month and how much money the shopaholic will be allowed to spend. Subtract bill money from all of the money and then devise your plan based on the remaining money. Your shopaholic loved one can have half of the remainder, 60 percent of the remainder, or 40 percent of the remainder. While devising the plan, choose your percentage based on what is a reasonable amount of money to save, without depriving the shopaholic of too much spending money.

Calmly discuss money with your shopaholic significant other. Avoid a money fight at all costs! Be reasonable. Try to understand the point of view of one another and work together to avoid debt.

Never badger your shopaholic significant other. Being a shopaholic is an addiction like any other addiction. Don’t put them down for their addiction and don’t call them names because of their addiction. Don’t accuse them of being selfish, inconsiderate, or self-indulgent. These things may be true to a certain extent, but name calling and badgering will get you nowhere. Remember, you have to try to be understanding of their point of view and do what you can to have a healthy debt-free relationship.