How To Market Your Business

Buy Ads – Depending on how much money you have set aside for marketing you can buy TV ads (the later the spot the cheaper) on network television – or spend less on cable and local ads.  Radio reaches about 95% of your audience. Try buying it early or late in the year.  You can also buy ads on popular website like Ebay, AOL or youtube. But be mindful of the audience for your product. Do research and see where your audience is looking, what sites are they on before you spend thousands of dollars on online ads.

Newspaper and magazine ads, though shrinking is still a popular format. Many people believe ads in print more than online many times. And with many advertisers pulling away from print it will give you an opportunity to be seen more. But for ads to work they need to be consistent. Don’t think that being seen once is enough. It’s the regularity that prompts the sale. But along with regularity, a consistent campaign that combines different advertising makes a significant impact. For example, an online, print and radio campaign will reach your audience where they read, surf, shop and work.

Flyers also make an impact, but once again, look at your audience. You may find that have flyers inserted in certain papers will reach your audience better than random distribution on the street.  Billboard usually reach a “trapped” audience who may see it while in traffic or along their normal route to work.  Some use bus, bus stop and truck adveritising which allows busy city travelers to see their ads every day.

Onine provides an opportunity to mix it up – Email advertising can get very creative, but do research on who you get your email list from.  In your emails you can tell customrs about deals, sales, discounts ect. It is also good to regularly send out emails to keep your customers up to speed with what you’re doing.  But of course your website needs to be in tip top shape.  Make visiting your website a nice, smooth experience and they will be back.

Don’t be afraid to be creative – With all the competition going on being different keeps you ahead of the pack.  For example, why wait for a holiday to have deals, make up your own holiday: Happy Friday, Three weeks into Spring Sale, etc.  Can you come up with a logo or a mascot to represent your product? It works for so many companies.  Can you add references in your email or flyers which gives you credibility?  Can you sponsor an event or donate to a cause? People like to see companies that care.  Anything FREE you can give away?  Can you partner with another company and provide a dual effort in getting the word out?  Can you afford space at a popular expo to showcase your wares?  Can you speak at a networking event about your business?  Put together a press conference?  When you send out emails or flyers put your website on them – put it on everything. With these ideas and more you can get your business noticed.

*  Look and see what other companies and doing that works and see if you can fit it into your plans.
*  If possible find ways to track your results so you will know what works and what doesn’t work.