How to Naturally and Surely Cure Depression and Neurosis

Carl Jung discovered the cure for neurosis in 1920 by when he classified the human psyche into several different psychological types. He proved the existence of the different types in 2 volumes of his work “The Psychological Types.” However, his work was too complicated and confusing.

The world did not recognize its value at the time, and today, only a few followers understand the real importance of the discoveries made by this extraordinary scientist.

-In 1974, I started following Carl Jung despite my many doubts and I read and followed the works of many other psychologists.

-In 1986, I started following only Jung, after verifying that only his method could be applied in any kind of dream, while other methods of dream interpretation had a limited sphere in which they worked.

-In 1988, I started writing a scientific book to prove that Carl Jung discovered the correct method of dream interpretation.

-In 1989, I started investigating the deepest unknown region of the psyche, discovering the existence of the anti-conscience that causes craziness to the human conscience since it is primarily schizophrenic. This is our primitive conscience that has not transformed like our conscience. This is why it is a wild monster without feeling. What really gives to the human being the human characteristic is not rationalism, but sensitivity: compassion instead of murder.

-In 1990, I started helping people fight depression and craziness. I’ve cured innumerable people over these years, even those that were impossible to cure.

Craziness is not a term that is accepted by many people, since it characterizes too much absurdity. However, the truth is that only too much insanity characterizes the human being.

I greatly simplified Jung’s work and continued it and discovered the meaning of many more symbols in my own literature. In my own literature, I found many archetypes inspired by the unconscious that gives us our spirituality. Archetypes are ancient dream symbols that are found in many dreams and artistic manifestations across eras and world civilizations. These symbols have tremendous power. They hold the secret of the mysterious truth.

I deciphered the psychological meaning of these symbols and easily understood the meaning of the dreams. So much so that I even provide a glossary of symbols for my readers, which Jung and his followers would consider completely inappropriate because they ignored the entire truth, just as they do not like the word “craziness” I use so frequently to define the condition of the human mind. However, this is the clear truth, which has been already discovered and proved in many ways, with several scientific evidences. The human being is crazy from birth and progressively becomes crazier with time.

I’ve being working very hard for 20 years for the cure of schizophrenia and psychosis.

Depression and neurosis can easily be cured through dream interpretation using the method discovered by Carl Jung in 1920, which I simplified in 1988.

Today, these problems exist only for those who insist on suffering…

If your problem is only depression or only neurosis, you only have to learn how to interpret the dreams you’ll see entirely free of charge for your entire life, with my simplification of the method discovered by Jung. I maintain that this is Jung’s method although I continued and simplified it so much that it appears to be different.

This is the aspect of evolution… However, the trophy for discovering the correct translation of the dream symbols belongs to Jung, without any doubt.

I greatly delayed presenting my work to the world not only because I had to face schizophrenia and many other horrors but also because I had to simplify a very complicated method of dream interpretation so that it could be easily understood by anyone.

You can learn everything I know by interpreting your own dreams and verify by yourself how helpful the unconscious is!

This is natural cure for depression and craziness (neurosis, hysteria, psychosis, schizophrenia, phobias, panic attacks and anxiety), which originates from the unconscious that regulates the functioning of your body and protects you from the craziness inherent in the anti-conscience. This doctor is not paid and never abandons you.

This is not medicine, it is real charity from the wise and saintly unconscious, which is a natural source that produces your dreams and will correct your mistakes and help you develop your human conscience. It will help you transform the monster inherent inside you into a positive part of your conscience, so that you may stay far from depression and craziness and live peacefully and happily forever.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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