How to open your own restaurant

  1. The first thing you will need is a business plan. Be as clear and detailed as possible. Make sure you know what kind of restaurant you want whether its a take out joint or a fine dining restaurant. Included all the necessary requirement of a business plan such as capital, marketing, sales, etc. At the end of the day yourrestaurant is still a business and needs to be run like one.
  2. Scout out the location of your restaurant. Restaurant generally generate a lot of walk-in traffic so pick a good high traffic spot for your restaurant. You should possibly consider a shopping center so your new restaurant will get more exposure from shopping traffic around it.
  3. Be sure to check with your state about the requirements for opening and running a restaurant. If you intend to serve alcohol you will need a permit for that. You will also need a health inspector to inspect your restaurant and make sure you are allowed to serve food. Each state varies in requirements so check first.
  4. Plan out the menu for your restaurant. Try out different things and be sure to get opinions on the food from family, friends, investors, etc. Try to get none biased opinion as well as a variety as best as you can.
  5. Get the word out for your restaurant. Try mailing menus to local customers. If your food is great think about calling local newspapers to have a review done of your restaurant. Having a good review of your restaurant will do wonders for marketing as well as getting exposure for more people to come in a enjoy a meal in your restaurant.