How To Pair And Use 4 Scala Rider G9 Units

So if you accept watched any video reviews about the Cardo G9 you accept heard that they use “bump or beam bond technology” and that it abundantly simplifies the bond process. We accord you footfall by footfall instructions for how to use the new bang bond affection of the Scala Riders and how to admit the chat so that four humans can all allege and apprehend anniversary added in one conversation.

To brace 2 Scala Addition G9 units via bang pairing:

1. Determine which approach you wish the affiliation to be on for anniversary unit. They do NOT both accept to be on the aforementioned approach (A to A or B to B). You can brace approach A on one G9 angle to approach B of addition G9 headset.

2. Make abiding the Scala Addition modules are removed from their helmet clamps. Push the adapted approach button on anniversary headset.

3. Within 5 abnormal of blame the called approach buttons “bump” the units calm absolutely with the basal of one assemblage hitting collapsed adjoin the basal of the added unit.

4. Immediately afterwards the bump, try to authority the 2 Scala Addition G9 units still and in acquaintance with anniversary other. If the bond was acknowledged you will see both LEDs on anniversary assemblage about-face to amethyst accompanying and again go aback to the accustomed dejected standby blink. (If you do not see the bifold amethyst blink, echo accomplish 2-4.

How does this abridge the bond process? Well if there are alone 2 Scala Addition Bluetooth intercoms in the breadth there is not a big account but if you are sitting in the parking lot afore a accumulation motorcycle ride and several altered humans are application the Cardo System’s articles and assuming bond in the aforementioned breadth this ensures that you are commutual to the actual angle and on the actual channel. It aswell takes a few abnormal beneath than the accustomed bond process.

To brace and use 4 helmets in one conversation:

Cardo recommends this bureaucracy for 2 bikes benumbed 2 up. Basically the addition and commuter of anniversary bike are commutual application approach A and again the cartage are commutual on approach B and act as a bridge.

1. Brace bike 1 addition to bike 1 commuter on approach A. Do the aforementioned for bike 2 addition and passenger.

2. Brace the bike 1 commuter to bike 2 commuter on approach B.

3. Admit the chat amid cartage by acute the B approach button. Once that chat has been accepted bike 1 addition should affix to their commuter by blame the A approach button and bike 2 addition should affix to their commuter by acute the A approach button. Again all 4 Scala Addition G9 helmets / users should be able to apprehend and allege together.