How to pass the NCLEX-RN?

I took the NCLEX-RN twice, i failed the first time I took it. I did not give up. The first time I took the exam, i knew right after leaving the test center that i did not make it. Why? Because I did not prepared for it. But then, my family and friends encouraged me to take again for the second time. This time, I will do my very best. Here’s what i did to passed.

1. To attend at a review center or self review. My decision was to attend at a review center. Why? Review centers provides comprehensive and in-depth review sessions. it is just like going to a regular class same as college lecture days. If you have the means, enroll at the top ranking review center in your area.

2. Review Materials. Some review centers provide review kits. You can used your old nursing books to refresh your minds. You can also buy from a bookstore some review books that has a lot of practice questions for you to answer.Answer as many questions in a day. Practice answering those questions. it is good if you have a cd of questions.

3. The Right Attitude. If you think you really want to become what you really want, then you can, you will be what you want it to be. Think positive. Don’t entertain negative thoughts in your mind. Concentrate in reviewing. Plan on things, manage your time wisely. Determination and perseverance is also needed.

4. Prepare yourself physically. Eat a well-balanced regular diet. Do not starved yourself and your mind may not be working.

5. At the day of the exam, just relax and don’t forget to pray.

Don’t forget also to have some fun sometimes. Take a rest and sound sleep too. So, that is for now. I hope my simple tips would help you. Goodluck!!