How to Plan a Successful Fundraiser

Our church participates in a yearly fundraiser in combination with their Christmas craft bazaar.  The “New Gifts” booth is an innovative and lucrative money maker with virtually no overhead and little work involved.  And here’s how it works:

If your church or community is hosting a holiday bazaar, ask them if you may participate with your New Gifts booth.  Then, at the beginning of the year, place a monthly ad in your church bulletin or newspaper asking people to donate new and unused items.  Soon you will find yourself inundated with everything from clothes, jewelry, candles and perfume to holiday décor, kitchenware, toys and more.

Store donated items in boxes in your garage or basement until the date of your bazaar.

Think “garage sale” when pricing your new gifts so they’ll be sure to sell quickly.

Set up several tables and group similar items together. Organize a clothing area, jewerly section, purse and bag table, toy department and more.

To raise some additional funds, select a few choice gifts to raffle off and sell tickets for one dollar a piece.

Towards the end of your craft show, announce a blowout sale and reduce everything to half price. 

Donate earnings to a needy cause!